Naming a Masterpiece

Mia is almost done working on her painting but she is still clueless as to the title. To her surprise, it’s her grandfather’s visit that solves the problem.


For the week leading up to the painting contest, Mia was quite excited. Painting, in general, always calmed her down and gave her joy, but her current project was giving her a pleasure she had never experienced before. It gave her a daily sense of satisfaction, something integral for the well-being of any artist. Stagnation is the enemy, and purposeful satisfaction is the solace. All of them strive for it, but only those with flair and the will to put in the hours achieve it. Mia did not know all this yet, but she had certainly got the first taste of artistic satisfaction.

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The Two Sides of The Dysfunctional Family

After reading about the district painting contest Mia spends her days working on her entry. Being engrossed in her art makes her more receptive to her family’s atypical functioning.


It had been three weeks since Max had left. The last date for submitting an entry in the painting competition was in one week’s time. Mia had worked hard each day. She hadn’t set out to win the contest, but the painting had engrossed her so much that she spent hours working on it every day. Earlier, the service room smelled like their old housekeeper, but now it only smelled of paint.

After dinner, her mother told her to get some milk for her father. It was a chilly night but Mia liked that, so she didn’t mind the two-mile return journey. She bumped into Jimmy Thomas on her way back.

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Mia’s Choice of Painting

Mia’s annoyance with her family increases with her weekly visit to her grandfather. To divert her mind and find some inner peace, she decides to paint, which is her solace. What she decides to paint surprises her more than it anyone else.

Connor sped away in his rickety car as quickly as the shoddy road allowed him. Mia and Max tried watching the car vanish into the distance, but all they could see was the huge puff of dust the car left behind. They were trying to delay going inside as much as they could.

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